Is my file corrupted?

Greetings - I have been trying to share a file - I have SL360, the other person has SL3. I have done a series of tests, including starting with a blank file and only adding a rectangular shape with one word of text on it. It opened in SL3. Then I copied that shape and pasted it twice, it did not open in SL3. Then I deleted the original shape and one of the two pasted shapes, it did not open in SL3. I did a bunch of other tests as well, almost none of the very simple files opened in SL3. 

Perhaps my files are corrupted? Can someone check this for me in SL3? 

Thank you.

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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Amy! I apologize for the issues you are encountering trying to share your Storyline 360 file with a Storyline 3 user.

Text autofit improvements are exclusive to Storyline 360 and part of our ongoing commitment to making courses fully accessible to all learners.

Take a look at this article on compatibility between Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 project files.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

Amy Nicholson

Hi Andrea! Thank you for your reply. I have tried all types of things, the latest is only a shape with a single word of text. It opened in SL3. I then copied and pasted the shape, and then it did not open. The autofit was not applied, no styles were applied - it is about as basic a file as it can be. So I am not sure what the problem is. Are you able to test my file with SL3? Thank you!