Is my storyline file too big?

I'm working on a course with 4 modules that will contain approximately 1200 slides in total. All the slides have been created in separate files each holding anywhere from 10 to 75 slides, depending on content.

I am now in the process of assembling the whole thing. Storyline 360 is getting more and more sluggish as I add slides to the main file, but was, until now, running fairly smoothly. 

With approximately half of my slides in it, I now have a 140 Mb file and Storyline is responding very slowly. It takes anywhere from 30 to 60 secs between clicks for the program to respond.  It's getting to a point where it is unworkable. Now I can't even save my changes, because I get all sorts of "out of memory" messages.

My PC is faily new and has 16Mb of RAM. Is my file too big or is it corrupt?

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Tom Kuhlmann

What type of content is on the slide? I was helping someone once who had about 1000 slides, but the 1000 slides had a lot of screen recordings with repeated show, try, test modules. In reality the content was more like 3000 slides.

Also, the person was really using Storyline to serve somewhat as an LMS to manage multiple modules within a larger course. She basically had one course that was really holding a few hundred courses.

1000 slides is a lot and at some point you'll consume all of your memory as Matt mentions. There may be ways to streamline some of your production. For example, persistent content can be moved to master slides. Images and videos could be compressed prior to bringing into Storyline so they don't eat all of your memory. 

JC Blanchard

There are no screen recordings, but many quizzes and results slides. Most slides have 1 or 2 layers. Most of the images have been resized to fit the story size (988x640). This is a game like course where the user acccumulates points. I'd say 85% of the course is in Storyline. The rest will be hosted in an LMS and the students will access the Storyline module through the LMS (D2L).

At some point, the file size jumped suddenly from 90 to 140 Mb after adding something like 10 or 15 new triggers. No new slides.

If I split the course into 4 modules, will it be possible to keep score between modules?

JC Blanchard

Numbers just don’t add up with this software. Below is a screen capture of different versions of this project I'm working on. To the right of the filesize, is the number of slides in each version.

From version (6) to version (7), we added 301 slides and the filesize went up by almost 60 Mb.
In version (8), we added 113 slides and filesize WENT DOWN by 43.5 Mb!

I decided to split the file by module.

Module 1 has only 376 slides, but it has a bigger filesize than the previous version (8) that contains 1001 slides! Module 2 is even worse with almost 20Mb more with approximately half the number of slides.

There seems to be no way to bring filesize down. Can someone explain this?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, JC.  Would you be willing to work more closely with a support engineer?  You're right -- The numbers don't make sense on the surface, but we may be able to uncover what is actually being saved in the .story file (whether images with states or other media are repeating, for example).  I don't want you wasting time waiting for your program to respond when you have projects to finish!