Is publishing a Storyline project disk or memory intensive?

Sep 07, 2016

I getting a new PC at work and need to know this in order to spec out the new PC.



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Walt Hamilton

Since Bill Gates was in diapers, the best advice has been: Choose the best computer you can afford. Then get the next cheaper version and put the savings into more memory.  I don't think anybody has every followed this advice and been sorry.

You can spend a few moments twiddling your thumbs while the program is saving or loading from a slow disk, but slowing from too little memory affects every single action you take all day.

Azizi Abdullah

You'll often be working with files over 200MB in size (once they are published they become a lot smaller). I often edit videos with another program, which I then insert in e-learning. Considering this, I asked our IT department to provide me with a PC that has 16G memory, an i7 chip and SSD instead of hard drive. I've got it and haven't looked back (Dell Precision 5510).  

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