Is Storyline2 so laggy as 1?

Hello all,

I think almost everyone have encountered that problem in Storyline 1 - when working with many objects/layers on a single slide - Storyline gets extremely laggy. Typing some text inside textbox can take up to 1 character/sec, and that's not really comfortable situation...

I am experiencing that problem since the very beginning of Storyline and through all the updates - so I've lost hope that performance bug will ever be fixed (thanks staff). 

And that's not the problem of my PC specification - Assassin's Creed Unity works quite nice with very high details. And I've contacted support too ;) It's still laggy.

Since the Storyline 2 costs some additional cash and I don't see necessary to upgrade my Storyline 1... But if I can work normally on it, not loosing in every bigger project tons of time just because it lags so much, I could buy it.

So dear E-Learning Heroes user - how do you see the performance of the Storyline 2? Does it lag?


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Shane Leonard

Old post, I know, but I'm just now finding that when you have large amounts of triggers in the trigger window, working with these triggers is extremely laggy and slow.

Once published, the output works fine and has no noticeable lag on playback - which is frustrating because it's obviously just a shortcoming with the way the SL interface functions - not caused by me pushing anything to the very limits of computing. :)

I miss Actionscript. :(

Stoopid Apple and their annoyingly good devices and success in the marketplace... (grumbling trails off).

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Shane.  I'm sorry you're seeing some laggy performance.  I've worked with a fully loaded trigger panel without any drag- is your file something we can help you with?  If you'd like, our support engineers can have a look and see if we can identify a way to make it work better for you!  Thanks for reaching out- grumbles and all.  ;)