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Kevin Thompson

It appears as though you still cannot tab through individual glossary term items. Tabbing, first through the slide content, then to the Glossary tab appears to activate the general terms area but doesn't appear to allow the user to navigate through the list of terms.  Going to submit as a future enhancement. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for responding - and I apologize, I was thinking of Storyline 360 as I knew we were able to implement a lot of accessibility updates and changes in there. Within Storyline 360 you should be able to tab to the glossary and then once expanded use the arrow keys to navigate up or down. The space bar action on a term would open the description/definition below. 

Kevin Thompson

Ah, I do see that now. If you tab to the Terms box (highlighting the whole box in yellow)  then press the spacebar, the first term is selected with the definition below.  Pressing down-arrow then spacebar activates the next term.  Pressing up-arrow then spacebar moves back up the list. 

Thanks for the follow-up.