Is there a better way to adjust the timeline?

Jun 18, 2013

I'm importing video or audio clips to a slide and the timeline seems to auto adjust to 992 seconds or something (might the be standard size of my video clip) but then I have to crop the audio but the timeline stays at 992 and I'm having to manually adjust it down to 445 or 224 or whatever my end point is. I know I can set the end point for each item on the timeline, is there ANY way to set the end point for the timeline besides manually adjusting it? I guess my fear is that if I don't, there will be "dead air" at the end of the slide before it goes to the next slide. And adjusting from 992 seconds down to 225 is tedious.

Thanks for your help.


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Anna Veach

I would also suggest that they make it possible to align an item to a cue point start AND stop point. I have wanted to align several images between two cue points and since they default to be the length of the slide, which defaulted to 992 seconds, I have to manually reset those as well (although I can adjust the length).

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