Is there a better way to detect if a drag drop activity has not been answered.

Jun 06, 2016

we are developing a quiz in storyline2  where the user is allowed three attempts to answer each question. 

if the user has not answered the question storyline by default shows the user an "Invalid Answer" feedback ("You must complete the question before submitting."). 

How ever we are facing an issue with the drag drop questions.

I need that my activity show the invalid feedback ("You must complete the question before submitting.") If the user has not moved any of the draggable objects to the drop targets. 

Storyline presently considers a submit action as an attempt if i have clicked(html5) / dragged an object but the object has retured to it's original position. 

After trying to play with the states .. We found that storyline tends to change the state of a draggable object to  "dropIncorrect" if it's clicked(in html5) or dragged a bit .. is there any way that i can  know if none of the draggable objects have been dropped at any of the drop targets ? 

Does anyone else have a solution for this ? 


i have attached a story file  which  would change color of the draggable items in its dropcorrect / drop-incorrect states.  

Thanks in advance!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Johny,

Thanks for reaching out here - although I'm not sure I'm clear on the issue you're running into. A quiz question such as a drag and drop is considered not answered if the user hasn't included any items in the drop targets - so if they dragged it but dropped it somewhere else, or let it return to the starting point it would be considered an invalid answer. As far as changing the states and their color, Storyline does a good job determining those states based on the definitions here and you'l want to ensure that you haven't selected the option to disable the state until submitted so that you could see them prior to the user submitting the interaction. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Johny,

I can't think of a set up that would detect that they've returned to their starting position - as there isn't a trigger for that, and it's based on the automatic behavior of the "snap" or the user dragging it back to that location. 

Perhaps there are folks in the community that have done something similar and would be able to weigh in here.

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