Is there a keyboard shortcut to move the play head back to the start of the timeline

Nov 24, 2014


I was reading over the tutorial on working with the timeline in Storyline 2, and I didn't see a keyboard shortcut for moving/jumping the play head back to the start of the timeline.

This would be very helpful when constantly needing to play back the current screen/slide from the beginning so that I can insert cue points and align objects to the timeline and not have to manually drag the play head back to the start position or click at the top of the timeline towards the beginning region. 

I also didn't see this in a reference page on using keyboard shortcuts. 

If there is one and I'm right about that info not being in the above locations I would suggest the staff include this shortcut. 

I might have not seen the info however.

I also didn't see buttons near the play and stop buttons on the timeline to jump to the end or beginning of the timeline. Do those exist but are hidden by default? 


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