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Phil Mayor

You may hit a limit and you may not.  Really depends on what is going on in those 75 pages, how many triggers, images and the complexity of the slides will all play a part.  If you have videos they will bloat the file.

I would strongly post to individual files, and advise it may not be possible and you will only know when you combine the files togather.



Crystal Horn

Hello Fraser!  I would also like to provide some reference points in regard to large course file sizes.  It might be worthwhile to share with your client as well so that they could consider alternatives to including all versions in one course:


I've seen instances where folks have a "main" course with a landing page, and they point to another course with a hyperlink.  You could theoretically publish and host each language version of the course on the web and then point to it from the main course.  It may help as far as your design goes (limiting the strain of saving and publishing times), as well as the demand on the bandwidth for the user who won't have to load a 1275 slide course to view only a fraction of that.