Is there a maximum number of scenes?

I have a course with branching that has a total number of about 18 scenes and approximately 160 slides (same basic content for 2 different brands). Not all of it is showing up in the left-hand navigation. Is there a maximum that can show up in the left-nav menu in the player?

Also, I reordered what IS in there in the menu so I was able to get around the numbering issue I'm having. But is there a better way to ensure the content is numbered correctly?

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Hassan Mujtaba

Hi Edie,

I have developed some large courses and I am sure you would be able to have one with 18 scenes and 160 slides. It also depends what sort of content you have on these slides. 20 Slides with videos, audio and high res images would consude more PC resources than 200 slides with simple text and images. Usually larger course with lots of scenes and slides become difficult to manage if there are lots of variables used to track different stuff. 

And this page has all the info that you need to resolve your other menu related isses.

Let me know if you have any other questions on branching, scenes and player issues.

Good luck.