Is there a maximum story size?

May 02, 2014

Hi, I was looking to create a newsletter type module wher the user would scroll down to view all the different pieces of information it contains. I wanted it to be about 3000 pixels in height, but the story size only seems to go up to a maximum 2047. Is this really the maximum size Storyline goes to?

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Jim Naroski

I'm a new user to Storyline 360. I hope to use it for a few demo simulation scenarios.

  1. I'd like to use it to create my demo sequences like what I have on my videos at
    1. The end result is a video that is 1920x1080, but since I often zoom in on the demos, I want to be able to capture the content at a resolution as high as 3840x2160.
    2. Not only would this scenario require capture at high resolution, but it would also require the capability to zoom in on specific parts of the screen within Storyline. Since I'm new, I'm not sure that capability is there, either.
    3. I also need to see if I can just export the demo simulation I create as an .mp4.
  2. The other scenario is a much more traditional "teach someone to demo" scenario, which I'm confident Storyline can handle.

Any guidance you could provide would be much appreciated.

Phil Mayor

Storyline can do the zooming in, as you mention the quality may be an issue, I have never tried to record larger than 2000 pixels wide so it may not be able to do what you want. It may be better to record the screen in another tool and do the zooming in there, something like Screenflow or Camtasia. Export this and bring it into storyline where you could then add in the interactivity.

The other scenario of teaching someone a demo is really what Storyline is made for so you should not have e a problem there.

Jim Naroski


I guess what I really want is not for the story size to be larger than 2047 x whatever, but for the ability to capture screen recordings larger than 1920 x 1080 in Storyline 360 so that I can then zoom into certain parts of my software simulation without pixelation.

You mention exporting the content I record in some other tool like Camtasia and importing it into StoryLine 360. Do you mean saving it is an .mp4 in Camtisia and then adding it as a software simulation by doing a screen recording of the video with all the pans and zooms in Storyline 360 and trying to click where it is needed? If you mean something else, please so let me know.

Phil Mayor

Hi Jim

I have never tried recording screens that large so it may work but my gut tells me it probably won’t.

When I mentioned camtasia I did mean to record at a larger size in there, you could also try peek or replay.

It may be however you will need to do the zooming in camtasia, as the video may get rendered at the slide size (although you set the video to do not compress in storyline).

I think there may be a bit of trial and error initially to find the ideal setup

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Jim Naroski

Thanks for the guidance, Phil. My ultimate goal is to output a nice clean demo, at 1920x1080 resolution in .mp4 format, with smooth mouse movements, panning and zooming, and click effects. The way I had hoped to do it was to leverage view mode and remove the captions. I'm so close and yet so far since I appear to be unable to capture a screen recording at resolution that would allow for unpixelated zooming, say 2560x1440. 

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