Is there a quick way to add a custom "next" button to every slide?

Nov 01, 2016

Hi Folks, Here is my dilemma:

My client wants to force the learner to listen to the audio completely on every slide before the next button will function. This needs to be done in a series of LONG courses that have already been mostly constructed.   I went about adding a variable for every page and setting it to false and having the variable change to true when the audio completes and having he next button work only when the variable is true but ... GEEZ LOUISE that's gonna take me days to do that on every single page!  So now I am thinking about cheating to save time by having a custom "next" button on the page that a triggers a change to the next page ... but I am wondering if there is a "nuclear option" whereby I can add the custom next button with the trigger function to all the pages at once? 

I'd appreciate any ideas!

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