Is there a responsive design feature in Articulate Storyline?


I'm new to Articulate Storyline so please forgive my silly questions.

Does AS have a responsive design now? If I understand this term correctly ...

What I mean is: I set certain size dimensions for a desktop version (width&hight) when I work with a file in AS. I upload a file to LMS. But on some desktop screens, the course looks fine and fits well, on smaller screens it's too big and does not fit the screen. 

My question is: Is there any setting that I need to tick and thus turn on this "size auto adjustment" setting for my course?

Thank you! 

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Maryna Melnik

Thanks for the information. 

I used the Modern Player in Storyline 360, but it does not scale to fit in screen. Please find the screenshots attached. 

Also, it looks that I can select browser's resize options only if I select to launch player in a new window, which I do not want to do.

Is there any other solution?

Thank you!



Crystal Horn

Hi there, Maryna.  Thanks for those screenshots - super helpful!  And no silly questions - we're all here to learn and share our knowledge.  😊

It looks like the course is launching in the LMS interface.  My first thought is that the LMS is using an iframe structure to "contain" the course in their page.  The Storyline player will be limited to what the LMS allows it to do.

I realize that you don't want to launch the course in a new window, but that is likely the only way that Storyline will be able to tell the browser directly how to behave.  Tell me a little about your hesitation to launch in a new window, and maybe we can find a compromise!