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Walt Hamilton

Yes, set to Sequence by Paragraph. Then on the timeline, that textbox will have an arrow to the left of it. Click that to expand it, and each paragraph will have its own line on the timeline. You can set the timing by dragging, or right-click and choose Set timing.

I usually play the audio in another program (like Audacity) that shows an accurate timeline to know exactly when my cues are. Add the audio start time to how far into the clip the cue point is, and you can set events accurate to the .02 of a second. Unfortunately, there is no way to set it automatically.

Incidentally, the wipe will start at the start point, then animate over the course of the duration. So if you set a paragraph to appear at 5 seconds, with a duration of 2 seconds, it will start to be visible at 5 seconds, but will not be entirely visible until 7 seconds.