Is there a trigger to go to a point in the timeline?

Apr 02, 2014

I have been working on a project and between each slide I have the text and objects animate exit off the screen, then the next slide has no transition, but the new words and objects animate an entrance.  When the timeline ends, it automatically goes to the next slide, so the animation plays out perfectly.

My problem is that when the user hits the 'next" button, I want them to advance to the next slide, but I hate how jagged and jerky it looks by just zipping to the next slide.  The objects don't animate exit like they are supposed to .... instead you just jump to the next slide as soon as the button is clicked.

My question is, can I set a trigger so that when the "next" button is pushed, it advances the user to the end of the timeline on the current slide, so that way my exit animations will play, and then it will advance to the next slide automatically?

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Mike Enos

Thanks, but I don't want to block the user from being able to advance... my real goal is to have the exit animations for the objects on screen occur before they advance.  Any ideas?

I experimented with adding a duplicate slide, titled "transition" so that when the user hit the "Next" button it showed the duplicate, which only lasted for 1 second and had all of the exit animations, and it had the trigger to advance to the next slide when the timeline ends.    That works fine, except if the user wants to go back to the previous slide it ends up causing problems.

Chris Keeney


Your Plan B sounds like it could work. It may be too much work but you could rig up a previous button so that it goes back 2 slides (instead of 1 slide back to your transition screen). Of course, that means you'll create a Prev and Next for every screen, and maybe isn't worth taking up the screen real estate.

Mike Enos

OK so I think I've got a solution.

Here's what I've have to start with:

- Each of my slides so far is just 1 layer (very basic, I know.)

- For each slide, I have a Heading and Text, most of which has an entry animation and an exit animation.

- The slides are set up to advance automatically when the timeline ends.


- For each slide, I added a duplicate layer

- On this duplicate layer, I deleted any audio and I made the base layer hidden, and I removed the entrance animations (but kept the exit animations) for the text and objects.  I also shortened the timeline to this layer to be 1 second

- On slide 1, I have 2 triggers, "Jump to next slide when the timeline ends" and "Show layer - Duplicate" when user clicks the next button

- On the duplicate layer, I have 1 trigger "Jump to next slide when the timeline ends"

..... So far so good, it's working just as I had hoped.  I still can't get the transitions to occur if you go backwards, but that's not very important.  Now if the user A) sits through the whole slide or B) hits the next button, they can see the slide animation as the current text animates off the screen and the new text animates on screen.

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