Is there a view option in Storyline where objects do not show outside of the the slide area?

Hi everyone, 

I am looking for a bit of help with Storyline.

I am using shapes to create an interesting background design. Is there a way to select a view setting where it cuts off overlapping objects from the slide. This would be useful feature, when designing a slide I would still like to be able to see what the user will see without having to go intro preview mode. It would speed up the process of design and save building backgrounds in other design software to import in.

Any advice would be appreciated,



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David Schwartz

Hi Tom,

One thing you could do is to turn on guides under View/Grid and Guides and move the guides to the outer edges of the slide. That would at least show you the frame users are seeing.

Have to be careful doing this, as if you move guides outside of the the dimensions of your story, they will disappear, but you can undo the move until you get it right on the edge.