Is there a viewer to preview the standalone .story file

I am looking for an easy way for my contributing team to view the raw .story file without having to publish it to a SCROM package and posting it.  Is there a viewer that allows this?  Better yet, is there a free viewer out there?

If not any suggestions on the easiest way to allow non storyline users/developers review and beta test the module?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks Merit

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Michael Hinze

There is no way to view a .story file without having Storyline installed. However, you could either publish your content for Web, upload to some server (or an alternative like GoogleDrive, TempShare or DropBox), and share the URL with reviewers, or publish to CD, zip the published cotnent and email it to reviewers.


Merritte DeBuhr

Thanks to all.  I appreciate your responses and assistance. 

Articulate may want to look at developing something.  We have found the new SharePoint Cloud will not allow html files to launch and load into a browser page, which forces you to add in a SCORM Player or LMS App, which is not low cost.  This required additional app puts a lot of cost on using Storyline line to for development and How To modules where you are not needing to track user usage or test scores. 

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get around the new SharePoint html launch blocking and allow user to launch a storyline file from within SharePoint I would be very interested in hearing from you.  The module do have be published to our corporate SharePoint site and cannot be put up on Google Drive or Dropbox type access storage.