Is there a way to change default score points for the whole project in Storyline?

Hi, I know that I can change the amount of awarded points in question directly in the question. Is there though a overall solution so that when creating question, it is already created with 1 point for example? Because if I want to have 1 point questions all the time, it is time consuming to change each one and I likely will forget to alter some of them. That happened several times.

Thank you.

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Aaron Kapala

Hi Elena,

I must admit, I have not seen an easy way of changing it in one place. The way I tend to set it up is to create a 'Pick One' question with all the settings correct and a 'Pick Many' and I just copy and paste those changing the question, answers and feedback etc. Not the best way of doing it but it is sometimes the quickest.

Hopefully it's something they may look at as I know QuizMaker has that function but I think this is a request a fair few have asked for over the years.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elena,

The default points scoring is 10 points for correct, but as Aaron shared, I often create a question and then duplicate it going forward to keep various settings. 

You could look at setting up the questions within an Excel document and identifying the points there. You can then import in that set of questions. Take a look at the tutorial here for more details.