Is there a way to control which player tab opens first upon launch?

Nov 30, 2015

Here is my situation: I'm not using the menu tab just the Resources and Notes tabs in SL2. Is there any way I can control which player tab appears open first when I launch the course? In my case, the resources tab seems to open first even though I have it listed after the Notes tab in the Player menu options. It's also the tab on the far right which I would think would not make it the default one. Any ideas how I can resolve this?

The one thread that provides some support on this can be found here. However, it states that the tab on the far left would open first. Mine does not do that. Is there a reason for this?

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Michael Long

I found an answer to my own problem after some more experimenting which I think will help others as well. It seems that if the previous slide does not have the same tabs being used as the next slide (in my case the Notes tab was not used in the previous slide), then the next common tab in the player will become active and remain active in the following slide (in my case the Resources tab). So basically, my Resources tab was active in slide 1 and for slide 2 it remained active even though the Notes tab was available and appeared to the left of the Resources tab for that slide. This even occurs when you just preview one slide in this situation (the tab on the right is activated first if the tab to its left is not used in the previous slide). Is this normal tab behavior? I would love if anyone else could try to replicate this on their end as well.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

Thanks for confirming. Yes, this seems to be the case that if you don't have that particular tab on the slide prior, the previous first tab remains the top active tab. As in the other thread there isn't a way to change that unless you were to reorder the tabs within the player set up to set the tab you're seeing as active as the first one throughout. 

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