Is there a way to create dynamic text in Articulate Storyline?

I know that Storyline can import almost anything and convert it to make it workable in Storyline, but is there a way to make dynamic text in Storyline? I want to have users input their first and last name and the date on a page. I want the first name to go to several spots throughout the tutorial to show up as dynamic text and personalize the tutorial a bit. The first and last name as well as the date will populate the fields for the certificate of completion that is at the end of the tutorial. Is there ANY way to do this in Storyline?

I go to DeVry and this is for a class project that is due next Thursday, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Jesse Spinella

Take a look at one of my demos I put together: I use a "Enter Name" text field that carries the users name throughout the course. It's just a %variablename% tag that you will put into the text block that you're editing. For example,

Smarty Pants demo

If you were going to put this into a paragraph, you could do something like:

Blah blah blah %variablename% blah blah blah... And it'll show the user name.