Is there a way to 'grab' the Notes in the slides, and put that in a variable to access in Javascript?

We're using Storyline 360 to create 'decks' for trainers to present during live webinars. The trainers want to have their notes on a separate screen like you do with Presenter View in PowerPoint. 

I've created a simple javascript script where I've added in the slide Notes as variables in SL, then the script pops open a window and writes those variables to the webpage window. That works fine. 

The only problem is, if I have 100 slides, I have to make 100 variables to contain the notes from each slide! 

Can I 'call' the Notes content as a system variable (or whatever you might call the Notes) from Javascript? Hope that makes sense. 


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Walt Hamilton

Just my .02

Powerpoint is so much stronger, more flexible, and faster to development  (not to mention cheaper) for live presentations. SL may be wonderful, but it is not a one size fits all answer.

If they are doing a PowerPoint thing (live presentation), and they want PowerPoint distinctives (notes on separate screen), giving them PowerPoint would be a lot more cost-efficient that creating 100 variables on 100 slides.