Is there a way to have 'live' content from a website on a slide?


There is a nice interactive map on a website which I'd like to have on one of the slides.

For now, there was just an image hyperlinked with the website. So you have to leave the module and go to the website to see the content.

Would be great if you could tell me how to do this :-)

Many thanks!!


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Naelag Yaba

Thank you Matthew! I just tried.

So, I have three such maps, and the web object only loaded with one of them. So, my questions are:

1- Are there certain websites which aren't compatible?

2- What's the best way to embed these slides? - I tried with a separate layer, and a little 'close' button in the corner, but the close-button overlaps with the web content window. Is a lightbox better?