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Rachel Barnum

Out of curiosity, why do you want to do this? It seems more intuitive to have separate sections within one story file, but I figure there must be a reason you want it?

In addition - this sounds more like a LMS feature vs. a Storyline Feature.

You could host them on a server and have weblinks to each one, but then each story file wont register a completion in the original Storyline file itself if that's what you're looking for.

ted hildebrandt

Here is my reason.  I'm being forced into it.  I had another project today.  It is large 395 slides (195 megs).  It would not

publish and gave me no error messages and checking the slides they each worked in

preview. I spent the whole day 10 hours eliminating this and that slide and finally broke my three scenes apart

Learn (20 videos) and Review  and separated the Drill (368 drill questions in about 7 pages).  The Learn and Review now

publishes but the Drill while that scene will preview it will not publish and there is no way for me to find out why it will not

publish.  Really frustrating.  I do think I'll break the Learn/Review scenes into a separate easily published story but would

like to link the Drill Story and publish it separately in short keeping the stories smaller they are easier to work with and

preview/publish cycles don't take so long.    Unfortunately for me the Drill scene while it previews still won't publish and

I have no idea why not.   I wish when the publish failed that it would tell you why or identify the errant slide or something

so I could trouble shoot it.  As of now I have no idea what I'm going to do and spent the whole day saving and trying unsuccessfully

to publish something that previews just fine.  Ugh!   Smaller is better and linking small stories may allow me to isolate

problems better so that's why I want to link story to story. 

Rachel Barnum

This would require some reorganization on your part, but have you attempted to "import" the storyline file into a new storyline file? Sometimes it just gets wonky on the old one for whatever reason and reimporting it can help. We've had to do that when we had some player issues in the past and it got resolved.