Is there a way to lock a slide?

I have several slides in a particular scene.  Every-so-often I'll notice that the order of the slides have been rearranged.  Apparently I'm doing this but can't seem to figure out how. It takes a considerable amount of time to rearrange them and then test the functionality of my interactions all over again.

Is there a way to lock the slides?

Screenshot of my storyline

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Terry Coe


I could suggest using more than one scene, i would break up the content based on your table of contents. Then it wouldn't be so easy to move slides when you are trying to select them. you could also choose to show a collapsed version of each scene, so when you want to go to a certain slide, you would first click the scene it is in, then select the slide from the side menu.

Kesha Dawson

Thanks Terry.

I like all of the suggestions.  This is my very first go-round with Storyline so I'm learning.  I'm a little apprehensive about going back and adding scenes and moving things around.  But I do notice that the file is starting to move significantly slower than usual so maybe it's worth it.