Is there a way to make a usable output document from Learner entered data inside of Storyline 2?

Feb 19, 2016

I am creating a course with a reflective journaling piece. I would like the learner to be able to enter their journal entries into my course, and then print them at the end. 

I know that when I used Storyline 1 the output format was a big issue. We could print it, but it was in an awful table that couldn't be altered. Has this been changed? If not, does anyone have a good work around? 

Thank you!

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Bill Kelleher
Bill Kelleher

Hi Carrie Ann,

As Christie said, if you can share your files, we may be able to have more insight into your issue. One odd thing that had happened when I tried some of these caused the same problem, no effect on click. I replaced the button I used and for some reason it worked just fine. Other than that we may need to look under the hood.

Bill Kelleher

Nothing too serious popped out at me. The JavaScript and Entry boxes were referencing textEntry1 when they should have been referencing textEntry though. I recopied the code and placed it into the button.

I've attached an updated file as well as output that should be working.

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