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Tessa Maki

I believe it was based on wanting the training to mark complete based on slide views (since there were no quiz questions), but because there was some branching I couldn't just set it at requiring all slides -- one person might need to view 20 slides based on their role, and someone else might only need to view 15. However, if I set it to only require 15 slides, the person that needs to view 20 would mark as complete after only viewing 15.

I don't recall how this worked in Captivate, but it seems like there was an option to mark completion based on certain slides rather than number of slides, or maybe it was that you could easily set a trigger on one slide to mark others as viewed.

If I remember correctly, the workaround I ended up using was having the second to last slide set to be a "Pick One" quiz question that automatically selected an off-slide radio button when the timeline started. To the learner, it looked just like any other slide, but it was actually a quiz question that they automatically got correct. Then the last slide was the results slide, which again just looked like any other slide.

As I think about it, it would be nice (and much easier) if Articulate would just add a feature that allows you to select which slides need to be viewed for the course to mark as complete. (This could be similar to how easy it is to mark which questions are tracked on a particular results slide.) It could still have the option to just say what number of slides need to be viewed, but this would give it a bit more flexibility.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tessa!

Thank you for the explanation, that does make a bit more sense.

If you'd like to report completion to your LMS on a specific slide in your Articulate Storyline course, see this article for one way to do it.

This would allow your users to branch where needed, but come back to a similar, final slide that would mark completion and I think this would assist you.

You are also welcome to share your thoughts/suggestions/ideas with our product development team here.