Is there a way to put a moveable textfield (layer or lightbox) on top of a screen?

Jul 02, 2015

Greetings all,

I'm working on a tutorial for text analysis.  One slide presents a biggish chuck of text, and I am to have many text boxes on the screen so that the learner can do their analysis.  There is space for a small scrolling field, but I would prefer to present the text "unscrolled" but "moveable" so that the learner can drag it around as needed. 

Any way of doing that?

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Walt Hamilton

I experimented once with doing something like this.

I set up a freeform drag and drop slide with no submit button, and deleted the feed back layers. I made the item I wanted to move a drag item. With no target for the drop item, it just sat where I dropped it.

You may have to experiment to get what you want, but all those slides look the same to the user, so they will never know they are taking a quiz.

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