Is there a way to quickly create the Correct / Icorrect layers?

Hello, I actually have a question with two possible solutions that I am looking for

What I really would like is a way to show a result to a quiz page that pops up automatically when the player presses the 'next' button then disappears after a second or two without needing further user interaction. The reason for this is to limit the necessary amount of clicking, the standard setup mean that the user clicks almost as much confirming their choices as they are clicking the actual choice!

I've yet to find a way to do this. So I decided to remove the 'Correct' / 'Incorrect' layers to get rid of them altogether

As it turns out, that was a mistake, and now I want to have feedback in again.

I thought the simple solution to this would be to create a new slide, and simply copy the standard  'Correct' / 'Incorrect' layers from that one. This approach fails me however since the only thing being copied is the text, and it is reformatted to look nothing like what it is supposed to, the box in the background is nowhere to be seen.

I hope someone can help



If anyone can solve the initial problem that would be great, if not. then I'd like to know how to get things back to normal at least.

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