Is there a way to re-add a Player Trigger if deleted by accident?

Hi All

A really dumb question - but I accidentally deleted the wrong trigger - instead of deleting an object trigger - I deleted the player trigger.

I know that I can create another object trigger in its place but I am wondering how different that is because it is not the Player Trigger?  Will that affect anything?

A) what are the ramifications, if any,  if I create an object trigger in the Player trigger's place?

B) is there a way to recreate the Player trigger?


(Still new at this and making my way around...)

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Cathy DeBurro

Thank you, Phil....I saw those - but wondered if it had any adverse affect because it is no longer a Player Trigger...? (I mean it's not listed under that heading)...

In the trigger listing on the right - there are OBJECT Triggers and a PLAYER Trigger - if you delete the player trigger - and create an object trigger using NEXT/Prev/etc... it is still showing in the list as an OBJECT trigger - not a Player trigger....

I know that it will do the same thing technically - but wanted to verify that it wouldn't affect anything else solely because it was no longer listed as a  Player" trigger... glad it is Friday...the brain is already on the weekend.


Walt Hamilton

In the VERY worst case, you can redefine "need". By that I mean that if the triggers absolutely cannot be deleted, it does no harm. Can you edit it to do what you want? Or to do something innocuous, like "When user clicks on unassigned"? Does it go away if you go to properties and remove Next/Swipe buttons?  If not, you may have a corrupted file, or slide.