Is there a way to re-add a Player Trigger if deleted by accident?

Hi All

A really dumb question - but I accidentally deleted the wrong trigger - instead of deleting an object trigger - I deleted the player trigger.

I know that I can create another object trigger in its place but I am wondering how different that is because it is not the Player Trigger?  Will that affect anything?

A) what are the ramifications, if any,  if I create an object trigger in the Player trigger's place?

B) is there a way to recreate the Player trigger?


(Still new at this and making my way around...)

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Cathy DeBurro

Thank you, Phil....I saw those - but wondered if it had any adverse affect because it is no longer a Player Trigger...? (I mean it's not listed under that heading)...

In the trigger listing on the right - there are OBJECT Triggers and a PLAYER Trigger - if you delete the player trigger - and create an object trigger using NEXT/Prev/etc... it is still showing in the list as an OBJECT trigger - not a Player trigger....

I know that it will do the same thing technically - but wanted to verify that it wouldn't affect anything else solely because it was no longer listed as a  Player" trigger... glad it is Friday...the brain is already on the weekend.