Is there a way to recreate this interaction in Storyline 2?

Hi everyone. I'm practicing with Storyline 2 and wanted to try to recreate this game:

here's the demo:

Specifically, the last slide where the user can click on each square to cycle through the options.

I see that this was made for 360 and 3, but can it be done in SL2? If so, does anyone know how what keywords or specific interactions I need to search for to help me work through this?

Thanks in advance!

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Raleigh Esperidion

Thanks, Michael!

I think I have most of it so far, but now I'm missing something with the scoring. 

I have one offscreen button (C) set to be correct/selected if ALL conditions are met (buttons are set to correct state) and the other button (I) set to be selected if any of the conditions are NOT met. 

When I do everything correct, it says I got it wrong. Do I need to make more offscreen buttons and set them up to individually correspond to onscreen button states? What am I missing here?

I thought I had it but then had to remake a few things after accidentally deleting/format painting some things and now it seems out of whack.

I attached the file for reference.

Thanks in advance for the guidance!

Raleigh Esperidion

Ok, I think I got it!

I got rid of freeform and pick many. I was missing something and kept running into similar issues for some reason.

My "workaround" was this:

I set up 4 offscreen buttons, one for each on-screen button "state" group. 

The off-screen buttons have 2 triggers each. One that sets the state to "selected" and the other to "normal" depending on the states of their 3 corresponding on-screen button states. I removed the other states for the offscreen buttons to eliminate confusion for myself.

Then, I set the submit triggers so that when the user clicks the submit button, the next slide is either the "congrats" slide or the "you got it wrong" slide depending on the states of the off-screen buttons. Either ALL selected/correct or ANY normal/incorrect.

It really helped to move the off-screen buttons on-screen for the preview to see what was happening with the buttons as I worked with the on-screen buttons. First, I noticed the buttons would stay selected even if the combination was first correct then incorrect. Then, I noticed you could only have one off-screen button selected at a time.

Man, what a learning experience. Hope this helps someone else at some point!