Is there a way to remove the "Submit" button from a Drag and Drop?

May 21, 2014


I'm new to Storyline, and have created a drag and drop interaction using the "Remove Freeform" wizard.

I'm not a big fan of the word "Submit" in eLearning, as it's a little too "They Live" for me, so instead, I created an "OK" button and set a trigger to do the Drag and Drop 1 - "Drag and Drop" interaction when it's clicked.

That works fine. My branching for correct and incorrect feedback works as expected, and when "Continue" is clicked, the slide advances to the proper slide.

Through searching this forum, I found that it's possible to turn off the "Submit" button in quiz questions individually, but this isn't a quiz question. It's simply an in-course interaction, but I don't see the options to turn the submit button off. Apparently, this is done in slide settings for quiz questions, but what about in-lesson interactions?

Hopefully, I'm missing something obvious. I'll use the "Submit" button if I can't figure it out, but if anyone here can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.


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Kevin Darbro

Thanks, Ashley and Bob.

Updating the player text label worked for me after I changed the Submit Button to "OK". I tried changing "Submit" to "OK", and that didn't work, so I was a bit confused. Once I saw the "Submit button" and the text "SUBMIT", I figured out my goof.

I hadn't noticed the slide settings at the bottom right of the Slide Layers pallet, so thanks for enlightening me to that as well!

Much appreciated!


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