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Meryem M

Well, depending on how much of a type A person you are... this might work.

Go into the Question Bank Manager. Duplicate your existing banks in the order that you want them. Then delete the original banks. Oh, and rename them.

I tried various attempts at dragging and dropping to sort them. No dice.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Lorena and welcome to E-Learning Heroes 😊

Thank you for reaching out and sharing that you've experienced a similar need years later.

Question banks are special containers for question slides. You put questions into a bank, then draw them out when you need them in your course. Typically these questions are randomized, but I can understand if you need your project to be a bit more organized.

I created a brief Peek 360 video to explain a couple of options to reorder your slides without recreating the question bank as Meryem shared above.