Is there a way to ROTATE objects in a drag and drop interaction?

Jul 10, 2014

Is there a way to ROTATE objects in a drag and drop interaction?

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Meagan Adams

Well I didn't expect an email. Thank you.
As part of a graded course knowledge check, one slide is a drag and drop with 12 steps.

Each step has a few sentences of text to it.
I wanted the 12 text objects to be horizontal and thus legible upon start.

I then wanted each of the 12 text objects to change to a 90 degree rotated state when they are dropped either correctly or incorrectly on a spot.

Unfortunately, the "rotate" option under "format" is grayed out.

Sadly, I was forced to introduce the object already rotated. So now the learner must "read sideways." I could find no solution on any forum through articulate or e-learning heroes.

This course is currently in the quality assurance process being reviewed, and is scheduled for release next week. Here is what the slide looks like:

(edited due to content-protected email posted as a reply)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Meagan,

It looks like you responded to the E-Learning Heroes notification via email, and that doesn't allow for any attachments to come through to the discussion.

Not to worry - I think I know what you're looking for! I recorded a quick Peek 360 video to walk you through one way to do this object rotation within a state. 

If you need anything else, click here to let me know and reply in ELH, I'm happy to help! 

Meagan Adams

Thank you Ashley, your work-around did function beautifully. I appreciate the time and effort you spent to help.

While your depth of help is impressive, and far superior to many product service support systems, I still believe that an issue this old should not require a work-around, but should have been addressed and fixed internally by now.

That being said, there was another issue where some of the items were not dropping correctly, which wasn't happening before. The "drop correct" and "drop incorrect" states were spot-on thanks to your work-around, so this was not the issue. Variables were checked, and all is fine, but it doesn't function properly. I am usually very good at creating work-arounds myself, and have developed some intricate, beautiful, and complicated-to-create, but fun-to-use curriculum with storyline 3, but do tend to become exhausted when too many hours are spent working around software issues as opposed to actually developing usable product.

Seeing as I work on deadlines, I don't have the time to deal with the new issue of objects not dropping correctly. I scrapped the beautiful slide, and went with an "out of the box" graded sequence drag and drop knowledge check with a simple, pretty background. The rest of the curriculum is stellar, so I suppose the audience can deal with this. C'est la Vie.

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