Is there a way to save a screen recording (video) in the Media Library?

Nov 05, 2019

Is there a way to save or move a recorded video (using Slides > Record Screen) to the Media Library?

What i'm ultimately trying to accomplish is to make a slide with a place holder video that content creators replace with a screen recording they created.

Right now all i can see is that you can only replace a video with video from file, videos in the 360 Library or in the Media Library. To replace your placeholder video with a screen recording, you'd have to export that recording to your computer and then upload it using Replace Video > Video from File. To me that seems a roundabout way of doing something, so I assume I'm missing a step, yes?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Stefanie,

You're correct! There isn't a way to save a screen recording to the Media Library without having to export/import first. We keep the screen recordings in the Record Screen drop-down as the source recording isn't just a video for viewing, but can be used to insert step-by-step slides in View, Try, and Test mode. Hope this helps!

Stefanie Pielahn

Hi Ren,

thanks for getting back to me! :) 

That's too bad. I think the video version of the recording should be allowed to be moved into the Media Library because a) it's media and b) then it would allow a content creator to replace a placeholder video without exporting the file unnecessarily. Less steps and less stray artifacts on your local computer. 

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