Is there a way to score each individual match of a drag and drop?

I am using the matching drag and drop and there are four terms and definitions.  In the "edit matching drag and drop" I see score by question, but I assume that is the total - so they would get 10 points if correct and 0 if they even get one wrong?  Is there any way to give them partial credit - like if they get 2 out of the 4 matches correct?

Thank you!! 

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victoria Harris

Hi Kevin, Many thanks for these excellent instructions. I have fallen down a bit at the end though as I am a newbie at variables. Can you help please?

It all seemed to be working okay except for the last bit: when I created a variable text box for %Total% it just showed a 1. Am I meant to make a trigger for each drag item eg  Timeline Starts on that layer: Adjust Variable "Total" +Add "Drag1" when Timeline Starts; then the same for Drag2 and so on?


victoria Harris

hi Leslie,  Many thanks for your response. I think I fixed it - I followed my hunch to add a trigger for each drag item on the timeline and it worked. By adding some surrounding text around the %Total% display I managed to get it to display the number correct. It now shows - 'You scored %Total% out of 8' ) . Feeling happy!