Is there a way to score each individual match of a drag and drop?

I am using the matching drag and drop and there are four terms and definitions.  In the "edit matching drag and drop" I see score by question, but I assume that is the total - so they would get 10 points if correct and 0 if they even get one wrong?  Is there any way to give them partial credit - like if they get 2 out of the 4 matches correct?

Thank you!! 

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victoria Harris

Hi Kevin, Many thanks for these excellent instructions. I have fallen down a bit at the end though as I am a newbie at variables. Can you help please?

It all seemed to be working okay except for the last bit: when I created a variable text box for %Total% it just showed a 1. Am I meant to make a trigger for each drag item eg  Timeline Starts on that layer: Adjust Variable "Total" +Add "Drag1" when Timeline Starts; then the same for Drag2 and so on?


victoria Harris

hi Leslie,  Many thanks for your response. I think I fixed it - I followed my hunch to add a trigger for each drag item on the timeline and it worked. By adding some surrounding text around the %Total% display I managed to get it to display the number correct. It now shows - 'You scored %Total% out of 8' ) . Feeling happy!

Kyle Yates

So, I needed to allow users to drop the correct items onto the drop targets without an order. I also needed to award partial credit for each drop correct. By looking at this thread plus another I was able to create a relatively simple solution for both using the pick 1 freeform.

Each object has a trigger for drop correct or drop incorrect and a trigger adding 1 to an overall variable whenever a drop correct occurs. The buttons off screen are triggered to be selected based on the variable, and the different buttons are given scoring values in the form view.

Anyway, here's the sample, it's one question from a larger test. I removed the correct/incorrect layer in the actual test.