Is there a way to stop first media when playing second media on different layer without "hiding other layers"

Hi All,

I just started learning how to use articulate two weeks ago and I'm trying to create a language course.

  • I created a toggle switch on a base layer to display/hide lists of words that is placed on different layers (VocabList1, VocabList2 and so on)
  • Each word on a VocabList triggers its pronunciation created on different layers i.e. (Vocab1, Vocab2 and so on)

My problem is the pronunciations overlap one another if the words are clicked simultaneously. I noticed from other threads that I can set the Vocab1, Vocab2...3 to "hide other slide layers" but doing so hides my VocabLists as well since they are on layers not on base layer.

I need my VocabLists to be shown when the pronunciation is played but also make sure they don't overlap. Any suggestion? 

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Crystal Horn

Hello Duke, and welcome to Articulate!  Cool idea.

Can you use the trigger to stop media (audio) when the user clicks the button for the other vocabulary layers?  The same action that the user takes to get to the other layer can be used to trigger the audio to stop.

If you can attach your project file, we can give you some more detailed help!