Is there a way to track and then compile failed questions from each of several quizzes?

My course has quizzes for each of several sections/topics.  At the moment, I have each quiz topic in its own question bank

Does anyone know if there's a way - maybe using variables?? - to "collect/track" all the questions the user gets wrong (over the entire course) and then present them again at the end of the course?

If that's not possible, is there a way that I can present the score for each section on a single slide so that there's a suggestion for which topics they should spend more time reviewing?

Note that I'm interested in doing this within the course environment, not using an LMS.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Fiona!

There is a thread here that may be of assistance to you, but this is not something that is standard in the software.

You could have a results slide that includes the results of all your results slides.

Perhaps some community members can chime in on how to design this set-up to meet your needs.

Fiona Macelli

Thanks Leslie! That first thread from Jeanette Brooks is very thorough and presents several options that I'll play with. From what I understand from that thread, a true/false variable can be assigned to indicate whether the user got that question wrong.  That's the first step to doing what I'd like to do.

The second step (and probably the trickier step) would be reference those question slides that have the variables marked false and "call" them somehow into a new quiz comprised of only these questions.  Is there any way to do that?  Storyline lets you add questions from any other quiz/bank into a quiz. Maybe I could add all of the questions to the new FINAL quiz and then set each to display if the slide has not been marked true, similar to what she did in that thread, but for a new quiz, not a retake?

Any idea whether that could work - before I spend too much time fiddling with the idea?