Is There a Way to Turn Off All Image Alt Tags for a Course?

I know you can turn off image alt tags by object, but can you turn them off for an entire course? I met with someone who uses a JAWS reader and for some courses having all image alt tags get in the way of learning. For example, let's say I create an animation that looks like a piece of paper going through a fax machine. For the images I have a picture of the fax machine with a piece of paper over that, and a duplicate image of the fax machine on top that's cropped so I animate the paper to slide through the 2 fax machine images.

Instead of having image alt tags for all 3 items, one alt tag to represent all three is more useful. If I have to do this through my entire course, it's very time consuming. Is it possible to turn them all off at once, or do I have to do this for everyone?

If it's not possible, I think this would be a good feature to add.

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Matthew Bibby

You can select multiple objects on a slide at a time, hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open the Accessibility dialog and then deselect the 'object is visible to accessibility tools' checkbox. Then you can just leave the accessibility window open as you move from slide to slide, selecting all and unchecking that little tick box. 

Not that this only applies at a slide level. While you can select all slides in Story View and do the same thing... it doesn't actually do anything (which I think is probably a good thing).

Alternatively, you can go into the tab order dialog and delete stuff from there.