Is there a way to WRAP all storyline outputs into one player?

Consider I have a large course, consisting of 6 separate modules. Each module is a minimum of 100+ slides in storyline. The entire course is approximately 12 hours long, has animations, videos, audios, text, games, interactivity, etc. Each storyline file is very large.

In order to combat a sluggish system, I split the files into one file per module. This was awesome! Works perfectly.

But here's my issue: Now, I'm told we must try to present the entire course as one entity, not 6 separate modules where you must launch the files one by one. I'm wondering if there's a way to perhaps combine and wrap, or even reference, each storyline output into a larger player where the user can select which module they wish to work from,  then that file will display on the screen, all while maintaining SCORM capabilities. Almost like the image I've attached below, in a crude illustration. I understand that my company has done this with articulate presenter or something in the past, but they only referenced videos and not interactive storyline players, so that would cause issues.

If there is no easy solution through the Articulate system, I will be required to combine all the storyline files into one large file, redo all the glossaries, and deal with biggest module I ever, and it will mostly crash and die and I will cry until I struggle aimlessly to try and export it. 

So, if anyone could give any helpful suggestions, I would be extremely happy.


IE: Concept of what I'm thinking of below...

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