Is there any reason why Storyline might change template settings on its own?

I'm uncertain if I can provide a project file in which this happens, because sometimes it happens and sometimes not.

A collegue of mine is working on a course, gave me a link to check for any errors, and send him the list. When he opened the storyline file to apply those changes, a lot of the things he'd done to the template and notes were gone (all the notes corresponding to the audio and all the configuration he did to the template too).

Is there a particular reason why this may happen?

By the way, we're using the latest version of Storyline 360 (V3.35.21017.0).

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Mica Oli

Could be the saving, but he's working locally on his computer. What we usually do is share the story file with a flash drive, he downloads it to his own computer and starts working on it; we upload the storyline output to a server of our own to send over to the client and check any errors there might be.

He hasn't talked to me about this issue for some time, not sure if it happened again. Still, I'll talk to him and see if he can share the file with me.

Thank you!