Is there any way to concatenate text strings into one variable?

Aug 09, 2013

I want to accumulate text strings in a single variable which I will then display as a list. Each string would need to be separated by a carriage return. This is to accumulate the path taken by a learner through the various paths in some material, for later display and analysis. Ideally, the final trail log might look like this:

1. Entered name

2. Chose 'Expert' route

3. Examined list of available PDF documents

4. Opened pdf document 'xxx'

5. Opened pdf document 'yyy'

6. Answered self check question no. 4 (incorrectly)

7. Reviewed overwiew page 7


I can do this by using a separate, numbered variable for each step I log but that's very messy.

Anyone have any ideas for a solution?

Thanks, Tim

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