Is there anyway to print a certificate from Storyline?


I'm hoping to be able to print a certificate out of storyline.  I've attached the file in case that helps, but basically, I thought that if I used a blank results slide to build the certificate template I could use the print results button to print that actual slide...but it's just printing out a blank results table.   Is there a way around this?  Thanks for any help,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kathryn,

This is a pretty hot topic While Articulate doesn't officially support creating a certificate, there are quite a few resources we have available that you may want to check out.

The first article is for Quizmaker, but will still work for Storyline:

Articulate Support - Creating certificates by customizing the report.html file

Here's a fantastic Word of Mouth Blog on the topic:

Articulate - Word of Mouth - Web Object & PHP to Generate a Custom Certificate of Completion

There are a lot of other threads on this, as well, but those two links should help get you started.

Good luck on the project, Kathryn! :)