Is there anyway to update a resource document without having to re-upload?


Just a query in regards to resources.

If i upload say a contact document with a list of contact names and numbers for people in the company, for information on the resources tab of a module which is then published onto an LMS.

Then a few people from that contact document leave the company. Is it possible to update that contact document on the module (resources tab) without having to re-upload the document within storyline and then having to publish it again on LMS?




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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Yusuf,

Once your course is published to your LMS it is no longer tied to your software, so there is no way to update your course at that point.

If you were linking to an online directory website, this could always be up-to-date and a fellow community member shared an idea for an easy way to update hyperlinks.

Hope that helps and I look forward to any other ideas from the community.

Matthew Bibby

Thanks for sharing that Leslie.

Yusuf, if you have added the resource directly to Storyline (rather than linking to it elsewhere), then you can update it in the SCORM package.

In the published output, navigate to the /story_content/external_files/ folder. You should see your document there. If you replace it with another document that has exactly the same name and file type, then that will still work.

That being said, there are two problems with this approach. The first is that the older document might be cached by your LMS or the learner's browser. The second is that only the published output has been updated and the not the source file. So if you have to republish for some reason you'll have to remember to update the document in Storyline as well.