Is there away to include the result for non graded questions in a result slide?

hello, I'm building a course full of questions, for example in every lesson there is about 30 excersize, and there is about 40 lesson! in each lesson there should be a result slide, the problem that I'm having is that not every question is a graded question or converted to freeform, some of them I have to build from zero, so Is there away to include the result for a non graded question in a result slide? 


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Daniel Servan

Hi Fadi,

You can use your own variable to track the scores for non graded quiz.
In a layer of "wrong" and "incorrect" update your non graded score variable.
Then on your result slide, call your non graded score variable using this line %nongradedvariable%. Please note that "nongradedvariable" is the name of your variable.

hope this helps.