is this even possible?

Is this a feasible concept?  I'd like to think so but at least personally, it includes a few things I haven't tried before.

So the page is a journey map for a course curriculum, visually similar to an infographic.

Stops on the maps are courses.  If you have taken the course and have credit on the LMS, those courses are unlocked (done by variables associated with user's lms record).  If not, the inactive style gray course icon appears with a lock over it.

Clicking on an active course brings up a slide layer that contains a course summary/description, launch button to begin the course (in a new window) and an 'iframe' style embedded on the page with a yammer forum for that course.


The page itself is embedded into a Yammer page to act as a 'home base' for the curriculum.  The page has it's own forum.

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Michael Anderson

In my mind, this would be easier to accomplish if each course was set up as a Scene within one large course. Then setting up your infographic should be easy. I'm not sure how that might work if you are using separate courses, though someone else might have an idea.

The yammer forum embedded as a web object should be pretty easy.

Do you mean that you would like to embed the entire course/LMS into a yammer web page?

Joe McCahill

It seemed too complicated to actually work.  What if the course was set up as a sort of course launcher where it opens to a grid of large square buttons each with a title for a different course.  Clicking on one brings up a course detail screen that includes a link to the course.  Clicking that link launches the course in a new browser but also adjusts the 'state' of the original square button to a 'visited' status?

As long as they can view the module again and again over time with the states not resetting.  It could serve the purpose (of a curriculum-level progress tracker).  

More plausible or still no good?