Is this possible? Layout containing global coding functionality

I want to create a layout screen that contains a home button that will bring me to my home screen from any other screen. Reason being is it is after the fact. I have 6 lessons all with several screens and want to streamline the process. I thought if I could create a Master/layout screen with the home screen button on it and apply it to all the screens at once, I would not need go to every bleepin screen and do it one at a time.  I have made a layout screen with the home button, and thought I put on the trigger, but it does not seem to carry over when I apply it to the screens.  Is this possible or should I start the process of apply it one at a time to the hundreds of screens? - ty in advance.

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Shaun Thornton

Hi Joe, have you tried using the Master Slide view? I don't tend to use this much in my courses although i probably should but it should allow you to put your Home button on the various master slides used in your course and this would then transfer across to all your hundreds of slides.

I'm sure someone else might be able to go into more detail about the master slides and exactly what you will need to do for your specific course if you upload it (if possible), but this might get you started in the meantime.


Joe Shultheis

TY Shawn, that is indeed what I am trying. I did manage to put the home icon on the Master view, but the functionality of the trigger does not carry forward, shouldit? am I doing something wrong?

 AHHHHH   I think I just figured out my issue.... I have a very very translucent full screen image that may be hiding the icon on the Master slide .   Grrr   well guess I need put it on manually to every screen...  copy and paste will make it only about a couple hours at most... Thanks again all.

Joe Shultheis

Not until I figured out the issue then I did just that. The image was so subtle (close to transparent) that it appeaer on top. All I needed do was change the order and all good. Thanks.


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