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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Lindsay

That doesn't sound quite right. The marker labels should work more like this. If you're experiencing strange behavior with the markers or other parts of your course, I'd first recommend running through the steps here. And if the issue persists, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for further help. Thanks!

Christina Desormeaux

I am converting a series of instructor led training materials (all PowerPoint slides) to self-paced eLearning. This is a very simple conversion for software applications training so mostly demonstrating steps and labelled screens. I was having the same issue as described by Julie. The text box did not appear when I created a new marker to an existing slide but when I duplicated the slide then added a marker, the label box appeared. I thought it was going to be a bit labour intensive to have to duplicate each slide but the problem seems to have now disappeared.  The label box now appears when I add markers to slides, even to those not duplicated.

Robert Lengacher

@JulieNorris's approach worked for me. The key is create markers before the Drag-and Drop interaction.

I know this is an older thread, but I just experienced a similar issue where a marker inserted on a drag-and-drop interaction slide does not display or allow editing of the textbox. This seems specific to slides with drag-and-drop interactions where the drag-and-drop interaction exists before the marker is added, as I was able to test a marker successfully on other slides. I attempted to use the "Format Shape" dialog to see if I could fix the textbox manually, but all of the options are grayed out (as shown below).