Issue: Baseline layer flashes briefly

I developed an interactive application for one of our customers. It is a hidden object game where the user has to find different objects and answer questions.

I use different layers. If I am on one layer and want to open another layer by clicking on a button, the baseline layer flickers very briefly. On the attached video this can be seen between second 8 and 9. The lady sits then briefly again at the desk, which represents the scene of the Baseline Layer.

What can I do to solve this error? There are a total of 6 such screens with 3-5 different clickable objects each, so I can't/do not want to change the basic structure anymore.

I have attached excerpts from the original storyline file. With this I also created the video.

As you can see on the video, you have to click twice on "Szene ├╝berspringen" until you can click on "Gewinn" and the error appears.

I'm using latest version of SL360.

Thanks for your help!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for sharing what you are running into with your project file along with the video to display the issue and the .story file for testing.

I'm able to see the issue that you're running into, but I am unsure of the cause.

I've opened a support case on your behalf so that one of our support engineers can take a closer look and understand what's going on with your file.

You should be hearing from someone via e-mail soon.