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Laura Bradley

Hi Eric, 

Thanks for replying. It was when  viewed it for the scene but the when I view the whole project it happens as well ( The whole project has 6 pathways and takes a while to load so I tend to do it scene by scene). 
Now when I'm viewing the whole thing the next button does not work at all. Nothing will progress unless I've gone to previous slide and then hit next. I'm tearing my hair out here.
I had slides progress by uses in story mode and all slides have jump to next slide when user clicks next button trigger. 
The arrows to show the links between slide progression keep turning red. 

Unfortunately it is a confidential work project that I cannot upload but if you have any ideas I would appreciate them! 



Wendy Farmer

Hi Laura

if you are using SL2 with a restricted menu, the Next button will be unavailable to the user until the timeline finishes...this is different behaviour to SL1.

Glad you could get it working

If you need to use a restricted menu, there is a workaround