Issue: Gray "box" appear and hide content on slide

Nov 02, 2020


I develop courses to be viewed on a Samsung Tablet, and I have run into this issue several times when developing various courses.

This example is from a course that was exported for TinCan. In some of the slides, a gray box appear in front of half the slide. See picture. This "box" always appear on the same place in slides.

How come this happen?

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Anette Hjelle

The project's story size setup is set to lock aspect ratio, and there is no gray box when I upload it to Tempshare.

I use Saba Cloud LMS, and I have selected a player that opens in a new window (a setting I choose in Saba).
That's when the grey box appears. If I choose a player that does not open in a new window but inside the LMS player, there is no gray box.
But I prefer the new window player, so I would like to find a solution to this problem.


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